PRIMUS Sterilizer

Biocontainment Sterilizers

Microbiological laboratories are special with unique work environments. Containment describes safe methods for managing infectious materials in the laboratory. When you are working with infectious microorganisms or laboratory animals, PRIMUS has steam sterilizers for your Biosafety Lab.

Whether you are setting up a new Biosafety Lab or upgrading a current one, we offer turnkey operations to help your design team. From planning to installation, start-up to training, and preventative maintenance, PRIMUS ensures your sterilizer is operating at peak performance.

PRIMUS provides standard BioSeal or enhanced BioSeal sterilizers to meet your decontamination needs. For use with high-risk biohazard applications, including Biosafety Level (BSL) laboratories, we offer Effluent Controlled Configuration. Effluent is either filtered or contained within the chamber until completion of the sterilization phase of the cycle. Biohazard applications benefit from the specially designed chamber, which ensures steam, condensate and load contents are sterile.

Manufactured in our USA certified ASME facilities, using the highest grade of material and components while incorporating state of the art technology means a greater return on your investment.


PRIMUS Biocontainment Sterilizer Plays a Part Combating in Ebola

Click to view the NBC Nightly News story showing a PRIMUS sterilizer used at the UNMC Biocontainment Unit. The UNMC Biocontainment Unit has been used to treat two Ebola patients.