PRIMUS Sterilizer


Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying About PRIMUS

"In mid-June of this year I purchased a PRIMUS autoclave, model #PSS5-A-MESD. It was installed and out into service on July 7th. I have used it at least once per week day every day since then without any trouble. It has performed perfectly on all cycles without any questions of sterility of the contents. The main reason I bought this unit is that I purchased an identical one in 2011 and have been thrilled with how it has perfomed since then. I will continue to purchase PRIMUS in the future and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, solid and reliable machine."
L - University in Illinois


“Equipment over and above expectation”
Tim M. - Customer comments during a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

"YES, I am VERY happy with PRIMUS Autoclaves!!!!"
Jim Hargrave -  Facility Manager

“Fantastic ! I always specify PRIMUS autoclaves”
Undisclosed customer survey response

Steam Sterilizer School Testimonials

“One of the better courses I have attended. Good Job”
Blaise M., Technician, Zoetek Medical Inc - Steam Sterilizer School attendee

“Great school.  I learned more in two hours here than two months of prior training.”
Customer Steam Sterilizer School attendee

“As an experienced steam sterilizer technician, I wasn’t sure I was going to get much more out of the class.  However, I found much of the information to be very useful. Thank you very much.”
Trevor S. - Service Engineer, Labworks Equipment Service, Inc.