PRIMUS Sterilizer


PRIMUS wants to ensure that RMA request are processed effectively and efficiently. It is intended that warrantable parts issues will be resolved quickly and allow the company to remain fully compliant with FDA and ISO requirements.

Potentially defective parts must be quickly returned to PRIMUS so the parts can be inspected and forwarded to suppliers for root cause analysis. Contact PRIMUS Parts Department at 402-344-4200 extension 7, or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for a RMA number prior to returning the part.

General RMA Process Provisions

All parts returned to PRIMUS via a RMA will be inspected for obvious customer caused damage.  If no obvious damage is discovered, the part(s) will be returned to the OEM supplier for evaluation, corrective action, and disposition.  Parts that are obviously customer damaged will be dispositioned by PRIMUS and the customer informed of this fact.

No financial credit will be provided to a customer returning a part via a RMA until a final disposition is determined.  A copy of the formal final disposition report received from the OEM supplier will be provided to the customer to justify the acceptance or denial of financial credit for the returned part(s).

When customers request replacement parts from PRIMUS due to potential warrantable defect(s), the company will make every reasonable effort to respond as quickly as possible to the request.

Prompt communication between the RMA requestor and PRIMUS will be critical to ensuring the RMA is handled efficiently.

End users or Authorized Service Agents (ASA) should return parts to PRIMUS no later than 15 days following the receipt of a RMA.