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PRI-Egreen™ Conservation Systems

Since our inception PRIMUS has always incorporated a philosophy of “less is more” by utilization of a “simplistic approach” to the design and manufacture of steam sterilizers. This resulted in the use of less materials and fewer resources and established PRIMUS as a conservation leader in sterilization beginning in 1995!

While that dynamic remains a core principle at PRIMUS, the world as we know it today is vastly different. The demands and expectations of us as individuals and companies require vigilance and change to ensure we conserve and protect our precious resources.

PRIMUS’ environmentally green products and services incorporate technologies designed to promote solutions to meet the ever changing challenges faced by the industry and our customers.

PRI-Pure™ System
Eliminate municipal water residue on your PRIMUS Sterilizer. By using PRI-Pure™ you inject only high quality water into your boiler and significantly increase the life of your sterilizer.

PRI-Saver™ decreases your water usage by up to 97% during steam sterilization cycles. Go green and reduce the drain on your resources. See a significant cost-saving from the day you begin using your PRIMUS steam sterilizer.


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PRI-Egreen™ Systems Technical Sheet