PRIMUS Sterilizer

PRIMUS Sterilizer Company Equipment Warranty

PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, LLC (PRIMUS) makes the following warranty to the original owner with respect to its products:

WARRANTY: All PRIMUS manufactured equipment and products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and operation for one year from the installation and start-up of the equipment or eighteen months from the date of delivery, whichever occurs first.

Additionally, PRIMUS Sterilizer pressure vessels are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and operation for fifteen years where the sterilizer is maintained under a continuous PRIMUS Preventive Maintenance Service Contract. Where the sterilizer is not continuously maintained under PRIMUS Preventative Maintenance Contract, vessel shall be warranted for ten years from the date of delivery.

Unless otherwise specified, service labor required to repair or replace parts will be provided upon request, without further charge for a period of one (1) year from the start of the warranty period. Thereafter all repair costs shall be borne by the Purchaser. This warranty does not extend to any equipment or products which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation or application, or which have been serviced or altered by persons not authorized by PRIMUS.

PRIMUS’ sole liability and the Purchaser’s sole remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective equipment or product at PRIMUS’ option. Repair or replacement of the defective equipment or product will be provided at Purchaser’s facility, or at PRIMUS’ plant by an authorized representative of PRIMUS. Replaced parts shall become the property of PRIMUS. All returns must be made under a ‘Return Materials Authorization’ (RMA) assigned by PRIMUS. PRIMUS shall not be liable for special, indirect or consequential damage or expense.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by the following:  use of parts other than PRIMUS authorized parts, acts of God, labor disputes, utility malfunction, errors in installation of the equipment; accidents; abuse; misuse; tampering; alteration; modification; improper service; chlorides and corrosive chemicals; or lack of documented preventive maintenance as specified by the maintenance manual.

No waiver or modification of any provisions of this warranty will be binding upon PRIMUS unless agreed to in writing by a duly authorized official of PRIMUS. PRIMUS does not authorize any person or company to create any warranty obligations on its behalf.

This warranty sets forth the only warranty applicable to PRIMUS equipment and parts. No other representation or warranty on the part of PRIMUS, expressed or implied, shall apply to equipment or parts, or their performance, all such warranties (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose) being hereby disclaimed. PRIMUS shall in no event be liable in respect to loss of business or profits on any similar or dissimilar consequential or incidental damages or losses arising out of, or in connection with, this equipment.

**This warranty does not cover repair or replacement of expendable service parts, including but not limited to doors seals, lubricants, valve kits, lamps, fuses, gaskets and filters.