PRIMUS Sterilizer

PRIMUS announced a partnership with Astell Scientific, Ltd. As the exclusive North American Distirbutor for the Astell's range of cylindrical chambers, in addition to the standard 22 PRIMUS models, allows continuation of their committement and support of the Life Sciences Market by offering a full line of solutions. Providing Benchtop through Bulks plus Liquid Effluent Decontamination Systems for BSL3 Liquid Waste for all your sterilizing needs. US Service and OEM parts available from PRIMUS for all Astell units.

"We are proud to be working with the Astell team on this new venture. The addition of the Astell range of products provides the PRIMUS distribution channel a range of products from Benchtops through Bulk Autoclaves. The creation of a national US service center will offer customers a centrally located base of support for all Astell Products" Shared by Jim Fry, PRIMUS President & CEO

Benchtop Autoclave Range                                                               Top Loading Autoclave Range
Available Models                                                                               Available Models
        - UMB420 Classic 1.16 cu ft/ 33 liters                                                    - UMA250 Heaters in Chamber 3.36 cu ft/95 liters
        - UMB430 Classic 1.52 cu ft./43 liters                                                    - UMA260 Heater isn Chamber 4.24 cu ft/120 liters
        - UMB440 Classic 2.23 cu ft/63 liters                                                     - UMA270 Heaters in Chamber 4.78 cu ft/135 liters
        - UMB220 Autofill 1.16 cu ft/ 33 liters                                                    - Optional Integral Steam Generator available on the UMA260 and UMA270
        - UMB230 Autofill 1.52 cu ft./43 liters
        - UMB240 Autofill 2.23 cu ft/63 liters

Compact Autoclave Range                                                                 Front Loading "Swiftlock" Autoclave Range
Available Models                                                                                Available Models
        - UMA440 Classic 2.23 cu ft/63 liters                                                     - UMB260 Heaters in Chamber 4.24 cu ft/120 liters
        - UMA240 Autofill 2.23 cu ft/63 liters                                                     - UMB270 Heaters in Chamber 5.40 cu ft/153 liters
                                                                                                                 - UMB280 Heaters in Chamber 8.72 cu ft/247 liters
                                                                                                                 - UMB290 Heaters in Chamber 10.24 cu ft/290 liters
Duaclave Autoclave Range                                                                      - UMB300 Heaters in Chamber 12.15 cu.ft/344 liters
        - Two identical chambers, stacked on directly above
           the other giving double the capacity for the same                       Liquid Effluent Decontamination System
          footprint.                                                                                          - EDS are particularily suitable for high containment facilities
                                                                                                                   or high risk laboratories