PRIMUS Sterilizer

DUACLAVE AUTOCLAVEcsm New Swiftlock Duaclave ECO 5d84e1962f

Space a premium? A Duaclave autoclave is the answer. The Duaclave
features two identical chambers, stacked one directly above the other, giving double the capacity for the same footprint.

Combining two units within one frame, the two chamber operate completely
independently. One autoclave could be sterilizing glassware cycle and one sterilizing media.

All Duaclave models are only available with heaters in the chamber.

Duaclave Models

     UMB420DV 1.16 cu ft/33 liters (x2) Benchtop
     UMB430DV 1.52 cu ft/43 liters (x2) Benchtop
     UMB440DV 2.23 cu ft/63 liters (x2) Benchtop
     UMB260DV 4.24 cu ft/120liters (x2) Swiftlock
     UMB270DV 5.40 cu ft/153 liters (x2) Swiftlock

Features Include

  • Media holdwarm and delayed start
  • 5.7" color touchscreens
  • Printer
  • Electropolished stainless steel chambers
  • External pressure gauges
  • Versatile range of options and accessories available
  • Validation port

Bottle Capacity

Bottle capacity based on Duran bottles using the standard base shelf in each chamber.

Model No. 500ml 1000ml 2000ml
UMB420DV 10 8 2
UMB430DV 14 11 3
UMB440DV 21 15 4
UMB260DV 24 18 8
UMB270DV 33 23 11