PRIMUS Sterilizer


Batch Sterilization for BSL3 Waste

Wide range of aqueous liquid Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) to service BSL3 facilities.
EDS are particularly suitable for high containment facilities or high risk laboratories.

What types of waste can be treated?

Effluent types vary for each project, but typically treatable effluent source will include:

  • Tap water from sinks and wash basins
  • water from washroom facilities with a containment area
  • Sanitary installations such as toilets
  • Water from showers and other cleaning facilities in the containment area
  • Any exhaust/water from sterilizers used within the BSL3 area

Standard features:

  • Color touchscreen controllers
  • Analog jacket and chamber gauges
  • Double valving on effluent input
  • Manual override
  • Jacket heating and cooling
  • Stainless steel vessels (grades available)
  • Pumped or non=pumped systems
  • Integral or external steam supply
  • Fully demountable for easy shippng and install
  • Radar level controlling - for accurate tank level monitoring
  • Steam sterilizable retentive bacterial filter (1 per chamber)
  • Inspection hole
  • Primary stainless steel to first valve pipework
  • Special design to eliminate the need for safety valves on sterilizing chamber